A takeoff in the construction industry is a method used by contractors to calculate the quantity of materials required to complete a project. It’s commonly referred to as a material or quantity takeoff.

A takeoff is used to determine the necessary quantity of materials for a project and includes all aspects that contribute to the cost, including raw materials, manufactured fixtures, subcontractors, and labor. This helps us in creating accurate estimates, collecting subcontractor bids, and saving time and money.

The information in the takeoff includes details about the project and encompasses all the materials involved, from raw materials for building features to manufactured fixtures such as lights, sprinkler parts, pipes, and plumbing.

At Vohs, we ensure that the final plan is clear and concise, allowing you to make an informed decision. With a clear understanding of the costs involved and a clear picture of the end result, you can feel confident in the investment you’re making in your outdoor living space.

Unwanted surprises will be a thing of the past with a well-defined project plan.