Since 2008, the team at Vohs Custom Landscaping has been a respected name in the landscaping industry. This team takes their responsibility to keep their community and environment clean and healthy seriously and work tirelessly to maintain their high standards. The company is committed to using environmentally responsible products and services to ensure that their clients and staff are always safe.

Considerate Of Your Legacy

Their goal is to continue serving future generations and create habitats where people can live happy and prosperous lives. Vohs Custom Landscaping knows that your yard is an important part of your home and is a workhorse from spring to fall. That’s why they offer professional landscaping services to help keep it in top condition so that you can enjoy your free time.

Working With Vohs

When you work with Vohs, you can count on receiving quality service and beautiful results. They are dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that are designed for the way you live and work. They believe that every landscape should be a reflection of the homeowner’s personal style and taste, and they take great care to understand your needs and preferences before starting any project.

This is Central Oregon, We Live Outdoors

The Vohs team is made up of experienced professionals who take pride in their work and go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are always satisfied. They understand the importance of creating landscapes that not only look beautiful but also provide practical and functional spaces for outdoor living. Whether you’re looking for a new water feature, a patio, or an outdoor kitchen, Vohs Custom Landscaping can help you bring your vision to life.

Every Day is Earth Day

Vohs also takes their role in protecting the environment seriously. They understand that every landscape project has an impact on the environment and work to minimize that impact as much as possible. They use sustainable products and techniques to create landscapes that are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. They believe that every landscape project should be a positive addition to the community and the environment, and they work to achieve this goal with every project.

Your Site, Our Canvas

Vohs Custom Landscaping’s team of experts works with you to create a design that fits your budget, your lifestyle, and your property. They take the time to listen to your goals and objectives, and they work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result. Their team is knowledgeable and experienced, and they always use the latest technology and techniques to bring your outdoor living space to life.

A Commitment To Your Trust

Vohs Custom Landscaping is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, professional landscaping services. They understand the importance of creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for their clients, and they work tirelessly to make that happen. With their commitment to quality service, their knowledgeable and experienced team, and their commitment to the environment, Vohs Custom Landscaping is a company that you can trust to bring your vision of the perfect outdoor living space to life.