The last stage of a landscape project is the cleanup phase, which is crucial in ensuring a successful and professional outcome.

During this stage, the construction site is cleared of any remaining debris, waste, and materials.

This includes removing any unused supplies, tools, and equipment, as well as sweeping and removing any dirt or dust from the construction site.

The goal of the cleanup phase is to restore the site to its original state and to leave it looking as though no work was done.

The cleanup process is typically part of the contract agreement. The Vohs team will take the necessary time to ensure a thorough and efficient cleanup process. This may involve the use of heavy machinery and specialized tools, such as power washers, to remove any tough dirt and grime that may have accumulated during the construction process.

Once the cleanup is complete, Vohs will conduct a final inspection of the site to ensure that everything is in order and that the site is in a good condition. This will include checking and programming the functionality of any installed features, such as fountains, lights, or sprinkler systems. Vohs takes great pride in delivering your project and may commission photos of the finished project to capture your new environment.

Finally, Vohs provides a warranty for their work and will be available for follow-up services, if needed. The homeowner or property owner should also take the time to inspect the finished project and ensure that it meets their expectations. They should also provide feedback to the contractor and discuss any concerns or additional work that may need to be done.

A thorough and efficient cleanup process, coupled with a final inspection and warranty, can help ensure that the homeowner or property owner is fully satisfied with the end result of their project.