A landscape design serves as a blueprint for your outdoor space, similar to a floor plan for your home. It provides a visual representation of the site, including its dimensions, natural elements such as plants and trees, and man-made features such as patio furniture and water features. Irrigation and lighting plans may also be incorporated into the design.

The cost of hiring a professional landscape designer may seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually a wise investment. The design process is often the most affordable part of landscaping and will lower the cost and risk of your project.

A professional can customize the design to fit your budget, prevent costly mistakes, and provide a comprehensive plan that can be implemented gradually.

A professional landscape design ensures proper planning, optimization of space, and the use of quality materials for a beautiful and functional outdoor living space. The bottom line on a a professional design is immediate cost savings and increased property value when the project is complete.

At Vohs, we believe in being involved in every aspect of the landscape design process to ensure the end result is exactly what you desire, with minimal risk.

If you already have a landscape design, our team can thoroughly examine it, provide constructive feedback, and highlight potential risks that other contractors may overlook.

Our goal is to ensure your landscape project is comprehensive and successful.