Pay, Flex, and Perks

At Vohs Landscaping, a paycheck is just the beginning.

Remember what it was like to play on a team as a kid?  You train hard, you build skills.  Then, on game day, you get an assignment and the coach trusts you to execute what you learned? Remember the feeling when the training paid off? Even with a win? 

At Vohs, you are set up to succeed.  Every project is carefully designed in consultation with the homeowner or contractor, the game plan is carefully laid out, then you get put in the game.  The roles are assigned and you have your job.  Every role on the team matters.  Every team member matters, at every level.

Our project teams get incentive bonuses on top of base salary. Team members who work 40+ hours per week can receive extra bennies.

Want overtime?  During peak season we have plenty.  It’s perfect for saving up for School.

We also pay cash bonuses for new employee referrals. Get that roommate off the couch and cash in!

In many cases, we offer job transport, water, snacks, and the occasional team pizza.  But always, the right tools and equipment.  Plus get the cool new Vohs swag every year.