Superior Soil Solves Troublesome Turf

Turf can be troublesome under large tree coverage because it struggles to receive enough light, water, and nutrients to thrive. Shaded areas can also become more prone to moss and weed growth, leading to an unhealthy and patchy looking lawn. The roots of the trees can also damage the turf, causing it to become uneven or create bare spots. To build and maintain a healthy and attractive lawn, soil treatment, regular weed control and aeration are required.

The Challenges of Shade

Shaded areas in Central Oregon can become problematic without proper planning and landscape design as they often result in poorly growing plants and grass, increased moss growth, and soil erosion.

Water can pool, leading to mold and mildew growth, creating a breeding ground for insects. Inadequate light, water, and air flow can lead to a lack of proper plant growth, reducing the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

Good landscape design and installation takes into account the amount of shade in the area and chooses plants that can thrive in those conditions, improving the overall health and beauty of the landscape.