Instant Transformation

Turn offers several benefits for large areas, including: instant gratification, erosion control, and an attractive, lush green appearance. Sod can be installed quickly and easily, creating a beautiful lawn in a matter of days. It also helps prevent soil erosion, stabilizing the ground and promoting healthy plant growth. The uniform appearance of sod and turf also creates a visually appealing landscape, making it a popular choice for large areas.

Pre-treated Soil

Pre-treating the soil below the turf before installation is critical. This helps to ensure that the roots of the turf will establish properly and the lawn will remain healthy and attractive. Vohs prepared the soil by removing debris, adding compost, and ensured that the soil was at the correct pH level.

Pre-treating the soil also helps to prevent future problems such as disease, weeds, and erosion.

By investing time and effort into preparing the soil, this homeowner created a lawn that will thrive for years to come, providing a lush, green backdrop for their outdoor living space.

Proper Irrigation

Watering after turf installation helps the roots establish and grow into the soil. Ensuring that the turf takes hold, becomes well-rooted, and will thrive.

Without proper watering, the turf can dry out and become weak, leading to a less attractive and less healthy lawn.

Designing an appropriate sprinkler system that can provide regular watering also helps prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants in the area.

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