Vohs Background: Grass Seed and Golf

I grew up around farming and the harvest of grass seed production. The times have sure changed, but my first part time job was on a grass seed farm at the age of 9. I continued to assist in farming though high school. I started golfing with an old hickory shaft putter at the age of 3.

My journey of farming and golf developed my goal to pursue a degree in turf grass management. I went to the state championships for golf 3 years in a row and I understood the principles of grass seed production. I felt it just made sense to pursue an education that would apply the knowledge I already had.

The program at OSU was recognized as being one of the top three in the country and was very difficult. There was always the understanding that  to succeed in our line of work this is what it takes: handwork, dedication, communication and personal sacrifice.

I still enjoy a hard days’ work and looking back and seeing just how much we accomplished that day. This “farmer work ethic” is something that you can’t train: you either have it or you don’t.

-Ryan Vohs