Winterization: Sprinkler Blow-outs

After months of basking in the summer sun and tending to your beloved lawn, autumn is here! 

Your Vohs team is here to remind all of you wonderful homeowners in the colder Central Oregon climates that winterization is key for avoiding costly damage to your sprinkler system. 

By using compressed air to blow out the water from pipes before temperatures drop below freezing, we can protect our systems and prevent possible expansion and bursting due to frozen water! So don’t forget: make sure you take those extra steps this season – they’ll be worth it in the end!

Now’s the time for Vohs-approved winterizing so you can keep that luscious green all year round. If you are a DIY-er, you will want to get busy now and make sure everything from fertilization to irrigation systems are ready for next season’s growth.  Otherwise, partnering with Vohs is the best way to ensure your Central Oregon winterization is done right.