Agreement for Snow Removal Services

Charges for snow removal will be based on the size of the

area involved. The area to be shoveled will be agreed before the start of the service.

Basic service will include the front step(s), sidewalk from the front door to the city sidewalk plus the city sidewalk in front of the house plus a path from the back door to the garbage can storage.

Payment will be $__________ per ☐ MONTH ☐ JOB (check one)

Cost for Basic Service: $___________________ Additional charges will be made for:

☐ – Driveway

☐ – City sidewalk on side of lot (corner lot) ☐ – Deck/patio

Cost for Additional Service(s): $__________________

Clients pay the snow shoveler directly as per this signed service agreement. All operating procedures will be in agreement with the list below:

  •  The Client is responsible for clearing snowfall ____ inches or less unless otherwise arranged in your service agreement. This will avoid multiple charges for clearing traces of snow when paying by the job.
  •  Fees for service will be based on area(s) to be cleared as per your service agreement: city sidewalk, front sidewalk and steps up to front door, sidewalk to back door, driveway etc.
  •  Clients can expect that snow clearing may not start until after the snowfall stops except when there is an exceptionally heavy snowfall over an extended time.
  •  Clients should phone the shoveler if the sidewalk has not been cleared within 48 hours of the last snowfall.
  •  Should the client or someone other than the shoveler clear the sidewalk, please call the shoveler and advise him/her as soon as possible.
  •  Snow shoveler will provide sand or ice-melt to be used on sidewalks in icy conditions.
  •  While the intention of this program is to provide an affordable snow removal service, it may also be an opportunity to encourage youth snow shovelers to develop a positive work ethic.
  •  In the event that someone has an accident on the customer’s property due to snow or ice etc., it is understood that the snow shoveler (s) named on this agreement and all agents will not be held accountable and accepts no liability. If a snow shoveler gets injured or has an accident on the client’s property, the client does not accept liability.
    __________________________ Date:______________ Name/Signature of Client
    Phone Number:
    _____________________________ Date:______________ Name/Signature of Snow Shoveler
    Phone Number:
    If the snow shoveler is under 18, I/We agree to ensure that the work is done as per this contract:


__________________________ Name of Parent/Guardian Address:

Phone Number: