Vohs Custom Landscaping is familiar with HOA requirements in all Sisters Country neighborhoods and can customize your landscaping plan to ensure compliance with your HOA standards.

These plans typically include:

  1. Evaluate water meter to ensure no leaks within the home
  2. Monitor irrigation controller to ensure proper use of irrigation water with excessive use in mind.
  3. Monitor entire property for rodent damage
  4. Monitor trees and shrubs for insect damage and disease
  5. Monitor all sprinkler heads to ensure proper target water usage
  6. Evaluate property after storm damage
  7. Evaluate all gutters and roofs for excessive pine needle build up
  8. Property clean up & dump trailer services
  9. Turfgrass fertility management
  10. Weed abatement
  11. Offering mowing, edging and bed management
  12. Hazardous tree removal
  13. General contracting overview and coordination
  14. Ice and black ice treatment
  15. Moss control

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Vohs Custom Landscaping will provide a professional overview of your home within Black Butte Ranch or other Neighborhood Development.